Bienvenue sur ma home-page.

Welcome to my personal home-page.

I am a CNRS Research Director. I am an experimentalist working on active flow control, automotive aerodynamics, hydrodynamic instabilites, transition to turbulence in shear flows and micro-flows and acoustic manipulation of objects in suspension.

I work in the Instability, Control and Turbulence (ICT) team, in charge of the Flow Control activities, and collaborate with Mauricio Hoyos in the ULTRASSEP  team at Laboratoire PMMH of the ESPCI.

I am also co-founder ,with M. Hoyos and E. Vincent, of Aenitis Technologies, a start-up dedicated to the design of medical devices using ultrasound manipulation.

I am laureate, with M. Hoyos, of the BPI « Emergence » 2014 prize dedicated to the creation of new innovative start-ups.


Visualization of a jet-in-crosflow growing into a boundary layer for a low velocity ratio.

The visulaization of the instantaneous 3D vortical flow is obtained using V3V measurements, i.e. instantaneous 3D – 3C (3 components) velocity measurements. Click on the following link for a time evolution of the JICF.



You can find more informations about my work and publications or complementary data on the following web sites:

ResearchGate: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/J-L_Aider/

Google scholar: http://scholar.google.fr/citations?user=YiaiW1kAAAAJ&hl=fr



Laboratoire Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes (PMMH)


Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles (ESPCI) de la ville de Paris

10, rue Vauquelin

75231 Paris cedex 05

Tél : 01 4079 5852

email : jean-luc.aider@espci.fr