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L’expo des 130 ans, sur l’esplanade de la Tour Eiffel

This video was displayed under the Eiffel Tower, as part of the exhibition « 130 years of Eiffel Tower » (28th of september – 24th november 2019)

Cette video a été présentée sur l’esplanade de la Tour Eiffel dans l’exposition « les 130 ans de la Tour Eiffel » (28 septembre – 24 novembre 2019)

programming the shape of inflated flat ribbons

Inflatable structures are flat and foldable when empty and both lightweight and stiff when pressurized and deployed. They are easy to manufacture by fusing 2 inextensible sheets together along a defined pattern of lines. However, the prediction of their deployed shape remains a mathematical challenge, which results from the coupling of geometrical constraints and the strongly nonlinear and asymmetric mechanical properties of their composing material: thin sheets are very stiff on extensional loads, while they easily shrink by buckling or wrinkling when compressed. We discuss the outline shape, local cross-section, and state of stress of any curvilinear open path. We provide a reverse model to design any desired curved 2-dimensional shape from initially flat tubes.

See our article in PNAS and the Supplementary Information.

Etalements fleuris : mode d’emploi

Voici le mode d’emploi video pour faire des gotitas dans sa cuisine.
Vous aurez besoin de:

  • huile de tournesol (ou de colza, ou de lin… mais pas d’huile d’olive)
  • alcool à 90 degré
  • encre, encre de chine, ou colorant alimentaire
  • seringue (disponible en pharmacie) ou pipette
  • assiette, papier ordinaire, et papier absorbant (ou journal)

Etalements fleuris, mode d'emploi from Benoit ROMAN on Vimeo.

Voir l’explication sur ce beau film du projet Lutetium