Here are the groups and their projects for 2020-21:

Claudio Hernández López + Filip Novkoski             table cloth (10)
Thomas Alline +Krishan Bumma                              spider web (7)
Delphine Mion +Théophile Gaichies                         spaghettis (13)
Marielle Gassner + Andrea de la Sen                       mozzarella (1)
 Nicolas LANCHON    (+Marie Hut ?)                       bow and arrows
Anna NGO                                                                 peeing l a band-aid (12)
Etienne Lempereur + Simon Martin                          The fall/breaking of balloons

It is interesting to have a specific problem in mind when learning a new subject.

We ask you to choose and work on a research project, together with a colleague  during the semester in parallel with the class. You will progressively apply concepts learnt in class to your problem. See the list below of suggestions of mini research projects.

We will be availalbe for discussions, and help you think about simple experiments.

At the end of the class, you will give a short presentation of your work to all students, as part of the examination for the class.

Here is a list of projects that we suggest :

  • 1) Why are Mozzarella slices are not flat ? (a soft material deforms when cut)

  • 2) How fast can you strike a golf ball?

  • 3) Why does Kamifusen (Japanese paper ball) inflate when bouncing?

  • 4) Why do paper popper make such loud noise?

  • 5) What is the difference between shaving and mowing wheat?

  • 6) Why are some packaging difficult to open?
  • 7) How do spider webs stick to walls?
  • 8)  what is the best  shape for a screw?
  • 9) what is the best shape for a nail ?
  • 10) How many folds on a table cloth ?
  • 11) Oak or reed : Which resists best at the end ?
  • 12) What is the best way to peel a band-aid? very quickly or very slowly?
  • 13) Myth or reality ? Do spaghettis stick to the wall/ceiling when al-dente ?


    • What is the wind speed over which an umbrella accident can occur?

    • What is the landing dynamics of a snake?
    • Is it good to have a flexible fishing rod?

    • How long does it take for a inverted cap before jumping ?

    • What is the bouncing height for water beads?