It is interesting to have a specific problem in mind when learning about a new subject.

We therefore ask you to work (together with a colleague) on a research project (see a list below) in parallel with the class. You will progressively apply concepts from the class to your problem.

We will be availalbe for discussions, and help you think about simple experiments.

At the end of the class, you will give a short presentation of your work to all students, as part of the examination for the class.






 Émilien Dilly + Nicolas Chapuis Snake landing
Lola Ciapa + Irene Nagle Inverted umbrella
Antoine Malod + Thomas Robert Wheat mowing
Marie Corpart+ Paul Baconnier
Fishing rod
Valentin Ruffine + Paul Robin Inverted cap
Suzanne LAFON + Rodrigue BRAVARD jumping gel
Maika Saint-Jean +Marine Bossert captain Haddock



    • What is the wind speed over which an umbrella accident can occur? (sujet choisi par Lola Ciapa + Irene Nagle )

    • What is the landing dynamics of a snake? ( Émilien Dilly + Nicolas Chapuis)


    • The mowing of wheat: cutting or bedding? (sujet choisi par Antoine Malod et Thomas Robert)

    • Is it good to have a flexible fishing rod? Sujet choisi par (Marie + Paul B)

    • How long does it take for a inverted cap before jumping ? (sujet choisi par Valentin Ruffine et Paul Robin)

    • What is the bouncing height for water beads? ( sujet choisi par Suzanne LAFON et Rodrigue BRAVARD)

  • How should captain Haddock shake his finger to debond the band aid? Sujet choisi par (Maika + Marine)



Here is a list of projects that we suggest :




  • What is the height of a « solid siphon » for a chain of beads?

  • Can we explain why does this flat strip (with grooves) folds into a cylinder when under traction?
  • What is the highest pile of cubes?

        • Why does Kamifusen (Japanese ball) inflate when bouncing?

        • How to make collapsible rubber cups stable?

        • Why is it so hard to peel an old carrot?

        • How do animals/plants stick to walls?


        • Should a diving bird be concerned with buckling?

        • Why do we get sauce everywhere when eating spaghetti?

    • What is the sticking diameter of a splat ball ?

    • Oak or reed : which one breaks first in a storm?

  • What is the maximum height an M&M can fall (without breaking) ?
  • Why is that so hard to open a packaging ?
  • How do spider webs stick to walls?