Dynamics of flexible fibers in viscous flows and fluids. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics.

Olivia du Roure, Anke Lindner, Ehssan Nazockdast and Michael Shelley

Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics (2019) Vol. 51:539-572.

The dynamics and deformations of immersed flexible fibers are at the heart of important industrial and biological processes, induce peculiar mechanical and transport properties in the fluids that contain them, and are the basis for novel methods of flow control. Here we focus on the low–Reynolds number regime where advances in studying these fiber–fluid systems have been especially rapid. On the experimental side, this is due to new methods of fiber synthesis, microfluidic flow control, and microscope-based tracking measurement techniques. Likewise, there have been continuous improvements in the specialized mathematical modeling and numerical methods needed to capture the interactions of slender flexible fibers with flows, boundaries, and each other.

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