Clément Nizak – Experimental Evolution

My current research focuses on experimental evolution. We use enzymes and antibodies as models to tackle fundamental questions related to robustness and evolvability of bio-molecules. Our experiments are based on droplet microfluidics, phage display and next generation DNA sequencing technologies. We also study evolutionary aspects of microbe populations (Dictyostelium social amoebae) using quantitative live cell microscopy.

We explore applications of antibody repertoire screening and sequencing as well as enzyme directed evolution with industrial partners and ESPCI ParisTech spin-off start-ups (HiFiBiO and Biomillenia).

I am now based at ESPCI ParisTech, in the Laboratory of Biochemistry.

I teach the Systems Biology course of the AIV Master program at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research of University Paris 5.

Laboratory of Biochemistry ESPCI ParisTech – CNRS