CRCN at INRAE Montpellier – process design for granular matter

A permanent research scientist position in process design for granular matter should open soon in our group! 


  • Understanding the physical mechanisms at play during the transformation of matter into granular form with focus on plant biomass powders.
  • Developing new approaches to exploit the variety of rheological and mechanical behaviors of granular materials at the process scale.  

Our strengths: 

We are a dynamic team which combines experimental, theoretical and numerical developments to model the physics and mechanics of granular matter from the microscopic to the process scale. You will benefit from the local scientific environment of the university of Montpellier (France) and its strong international collaborations.


The IATE research unit in Montpellier consists of 80 permanent people and focusses on the processing of renewable resources from agriculture and forestry. Our research topics are at the interface of physics, mechanics, computational modeling, chemical engineering and biochemistry.


Go to the INRAE Jobs website from January 30, 2023 to apply!! b-profiles-crcn

For further information:

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