Workshop Graphyz 2 (16-19 octobre 2022 )

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to announce that the second edition of Graphyz will be held on October 16-19 2022 at the Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans (France)

The aim of Graphyz is to bring together the Computer graphics and Physics/Mechanics communities: various systems such as fluid flows, hair and fabrics, folds and crumpled sheets, bubbles and foams, programmable materials, snow avalanches, etc. are studied using different approaches: in graphics, the focus is primarily on developing numerical models that are visually convincing, efficient and controllable so as to serve narrative and artistic goals, while physics/mechanics is all about developing predictive mathematical models and confronting them to real experiments. We believe that there is much to learn and to gain from the interaction of these communities which have been expanding since the very exciting first edition of Graphyz in 2019 (

Important dates

  • Registration and submission of optional oral presentations: from 20th June 2022R
  • Registration deadline: 16th September 2022
  • Workshop: 16th October-19th October 2022

The registration will open on June 20th. It is free and includes on-site accommodation. The number of participants is however limited and the available seats are expected to fill up quickly. If you plan to submit an oral presentation (new for this second edition, see below), have your title ready before you register, ideally on June 20th.
The workshop will start on Sunday October 16th before dinner and end on Wednesday October 19th after lunch. Participants are required to be present during the entire period. The schedule will include comfortable time slots for informal discussions.

Keynote Sessions (to be presented in duets, except for the opening) 

  • OpeningKen Museth (Nvidia)
  • Knitted and Woven FabricSteve Marschner (Cornell University) & Frédéric Léchenault (ENS Paris)
  • Computational FluidsMathieu Desbrun (Inria Saclay – École Polytechnique)) & Stéphane Popinet (CNRS – Sorbonne Université)
  • Bubbles and FoamChris Wojtan (IST Austria) & Isabelle Cantat (Université de Rennes)
  • FoldsMélina Skouras (Inria Grenoble – Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann) & Hillel Aharoni (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Programmable MaterialsSylvain Lefebvre (Inria Nancy) & Corentin Coulais (University of Amsterdam)  
  • CrowdsJulien Pettré (Inria Rennes) & Cécile Appert-Rolland (CNRS – Orsay)  
  • Validation of physical models: Florence Bertails-Descoubes (Inria Grenoble) & Sébastien Neukirch (CNRS – Sorbonne Université)

Contributed oral presentations

Graphyz2 will also include sessions with contributed oral presentations. The goal is to foster discussions and collaborations by showing ongoing work of interest to both communities.
Upon registration, you will be given the option to submit a title and a few lines of abstract. Abstracts will be selected based on their interest to a mixed (computer graphics and physics/mechanics) audience. There is no obligation for the presenter to have a record of published work at the intersection of these two fields. Student presentations are warmly encouraged.
Particular attention will be given to the following themes on which La Saline is committed on the long term:

  • medical applications
  • musical applications (motion and gestures capture)
  • biodiversity, sustainable development & landscapes
  • architectural monuments & digitization

Submissions on topics not included in this are welcome as well, such as

  • computational architecture, structural mechanics
  • slender bodies, shells, cloth simulation
  • granular materials
  • biological applications (plants, locomotion)
  • sport

Looking forward to seeing you soon at the workshop!

With kind regards,

 Basile Audoly (CNRS – École Polytechnique)   Florence Bertails-Descoubes (Inria – LJK)     Benoît Roman (CNRS – ESPCI)     Mélina Skouras (Inria – LJK)

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