Les Houches Summer School on « The New Mechanics »

Dear colleagues,

I have the pleasure to advertise the « New Mechanics » Les Houches Summer
organized next August by Pierre Verlot, Hubert Krenner end myself.

The School is motivated by the development of ultra-sensitive mechanical
systems over the past 30 years,
in areas such as atomic force microscopy, macroscopic resonators,
biophysics, the statistical physics of non-equilibrium systems…
The school will cover these expanding fields, both from a theoretical
and an experimental point of view.
Participants will also have the opportunity to discover the basics of
experimental physics
by designing, building, soldering, interfacing  and operating a cm-size
mockup of an AFM.

See more details about the school at

Interested students are welcome to apply on the Les Houches website.

Best regards,

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