Workshop CoPerMix (Fundamentals of mixing / 17-21 janvier 2022)

Dear Colleagues, 
We are pleased to announce that our first CoPerMix workshop (Fundamentals of mixing) will be held from the 17th to the 21st of January 2022 in Marseille. The objective of this first workshop in Marseille is to provide an advanced common background on the phenomenology of mixing, its lamellar representation, the exposition of state-of-the-art experiments, and associated computational methods.  
While primarily oriented toward fundamentals, this workshop will be followed by others in more specialized sectors such as the coupling of mixing with chemical reactions, phase changes or signaling (Trieste), a Cargèse school exploring the frontiers of the discipline, and a final Solvay Conference program wrap-up (Bruxelles). 

This first workshop in Marseille is mandatory for all PhD students of the CoPerMIx project and strongly recommended for all Copermix supervisors.

It is also open to every other participant who would like to learn more about mixing processes in general. Please find the program attached to this email and make sure to register on the following website:

Do not hesitate to contact Elisabeth Naregatzian ( for further details.
In the hope to see many of you there, 
Best regards
E. Villermaux 

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