International Soft Matter Conference (Osaka/online – 12-16 December 2021)

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the 6th International Soft Matter 
Conference (ISMC2021) will be held in Osaka, Japan from 12-16 December 
2021. ISMC2021 will be the very first ISMC outside of Europe. Previous 
conferences in the series were held in Edinburgh (2019), Grenoble (2016),
Rome (2013), Granada (2010), and Aachen (2007), and brought together 
hundreds of experimentalists and theoreticians working in all branches 
of Soft Matter.

We invite you to join us and present your work, either with a 
contributed talk or a poster. While we look forward to welcoming you in 
Osaka, we understand that it might prove difficult to travel to Japan 
due to the restrictions brought on by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. If 
this is unfortunately the case, we will implement a hybrid policy to 
allow for on-site and virtual presentations.

We will focus on recent advances in Soft Matter Science, particularly 
within the following topics
– Colloids & Emulsions
– Polymers
– Liquid Crystals & Anisotropic Soft Matter
– Glasses, Granular Materials & Arrested Soft Matter
– Self-Assembled Soft Matter
– Biological, Active & Living Soft Matter
– Rheology & Non-equilibrium Phenomena
– Interfacial Soft Matter, Meta-materials & Industrial Soft Matter

Plenary Speakers:
– Clifford P. Brangwynne (Princeton University, USA)
– Marjolein Dijkstra (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)
– Zvonimir Dogic (UCSB, USA)
– Jian Ping Gong (Hokkaido University, Japan)
– Steve Granick (IBS Ulsan, Korea)
– Cristina Marchetti (UCSB, USA)
– Srikanth Sastry (JNCASR, India)
– Francesco Sciortino (University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy)
– Vincenzo Vitelli (University of Chicago, USA)

International Program Committee (IPC):
– Ryoichi Yamamoto (Japan, Chair)
– Hajime Tanaka (Japan, Co-chair)
– Gerhard Gompper (Germany)
– Peter Harrowell (Australia)
– Masayuki Imai (Japan, LOC)
– Wonho Jhe (Korea)
– Eugenia Kumacheva (Canada)
– Guruswamy Kumaraswamy (India)
– Andrea Liu (USA)
– Kunimasa Miyazaki (Japan, LOC)
– Zhongcan Ouyang (China)
– Wilson Poon (United Kingdom)
– Michael Rubinstein (USA)
– Emanuela Zaccarelli (Italy)

Further details are available through the conference’s website ( If you have any questions please contact the local 
organizing committee (LOC) at

We look forward to your participation,

On behalf of the IPC,
Ryoichi Yamamoto and Hajime Tanaka

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