APS March Meeting (deadline for abstract 23rd oct.)

Plusieurs sessions à signaler (liste non exhaustive)…

  • Geometrically-frustrated instabilities in solid mechanics” (D.Vella & B. Davidovitch) to take place at the APS March meeting 2021. (As you may know, March meeting will take place virtually from March 15-19 2021.)
    The invited speakers are Hillel Aharoni (Weizmann) and Shankar Venkataramani (U. of Arizona).
    If you would like to contribute an abstract, please do so, but we would also be grateful if you could encourage students and post-docs who might be interested too.
    The deadline for abstract submission is this coming Friday (23rd October) and the details of how to submit one are here.
  • « Wetting and Adhesion of Soft Materials: Dynamics and Instability » (J.Chopin) organizing as part of the next virtual APS March meeting, March 15-19. The invited speaker is Etienne Barthel from ESPCI Paris. Deadline to submit an abstract : this Friday, 23rd October.Submit your abstract here

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