Winter school « New Challenges in Turbulence Research VI », Les Houches, February 2021

Dear colleagues

We want to bring to your attention the international winter school « New Challenges in Turbulence Research VI » that will be held at the Ecole de Physiques des Houches from Feb 7th to 12th, 2021:

Since its first edition, the school « New Challenges in Turbulence Research » aims to present in the format of pedagogical and high level lectures some of the recent advances and current questions in turbulence research in various fields. This session will focus on the transition to turbulence, the statistical physics and dynamics of large scales, atmospheric turbulence and Lagrangian turbulence. The school aims at PhD students and young and confirmed scientists seeking to deepen their knowledge in turbulence.

The program and the list of speakers can be found on the school website:

Registrations are open:

Yours sincerely

Gautier Verhille, Pierre-Philippe Cortet, Mathieu Gibert, Mickael Bourgoin

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