EML Webinar, Every Wednesday (4pm, Paris-time)

Every Wednesday at 10 am Boston, 3 pm London, 4pm Paris, 10 pm Beijing. 
Join in two ways:

Upcoming EML Webinars

27 May 2020, Norman Fleck, The University of Cambridge.

3 June 2020, Rob Wood, Harvard. Discussion leader: Rob Howe, Harvard.

Extreme Mechanics Letters (EML) seeks to publish research of immediacy, depth, and originality. Through lectures and discussions, EML Webinars shed light on the forefront of research, as well as the formative years of researchers. Videos of EML Webinars are posted at YouTubeFacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Weibo

Recent EML Webinars

20 May 2020, Metin Sitti, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. Soft-bodied Magnetic Small-scale Mobile Robots. Discussion leader: John Rogers, Northwestern.

13 May 2020, Katia Bertoldi, Harvard. Multistable structures – from energy trapping to morphing. Discussion leader: Davide Bigoni, University of Trento. Video: Youtube and Weibo.

6 May 2020, Xuanhe Zhao, MIT, Extreme mechanics of soft materials for merging human-machine intelligence. Discussion leader: Dave Weitz, Harvard. Video: YouTube and Weibo.

29 April 2020, Huajian Gao, Nanyang Technological University, Institute of High Performance Computing. Simulation-assisted discovery of membrane targeting nanomedicine. Discussion leader: Markus Buehler, MIT. Video: YouTube or Weibo.

22 April 2020, John A. Rogers, Northwestern University. Enabling Ideas in the Mechanics of Bio-Integrated Electronic Systems – From COVID-19 Patients to Engineered Mini-Brains. Discussion leader: Jimmy Hsia, NTU.  Video: YouTube or Weibo.

15 April 2020, John W. Hutchinson, Harvard University. New developments in shell stability. Discussion leader: Zhigang Suo, Harvard.  Video: YouTube or Weibo.

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