Post-doc « Cracking the glass problem »(LPTMS Orsay)

A Post-doctoral position is open at LPTMS Orsay on the Statistical Physics of 
Glassy Systems within the Simons collaboration « Cracking the glass problem ». 
The post-docs will work in collaboration with S. Franz and other researchers in 
the Paris area and beyond on the following themes: 1. Statistical mechanics of 
disordered systems: glasses, spin glasses, elastic disordered systems, elasto-plastic models, etc. 2. Applications of statistical physics to other disciplines 
(computer science, inference and statistics, biology). Funding is available for at 
least two years of employment. The position can start at flexible dates but 
preferably in Autumn 2020.

Applications should be sent to
and They will comprise a CV, a publication list and two recommendation letters.

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