Postdoc in Plant Biophysics and Microscale Fluid-Structure Interactions

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Kaare H. Jensen

Department of Physics
Technical University of Denmark

Postdoc in Plant Biophysics and Microscale Fluid-Structure Interactions
Soft Matter Biophysics Group, Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

We are offering a post-doctoral position in the biophysics of cell-to-cell transport in plants.

Plant cells are physically separated by rigid walls yet remain coherent with their neighbors and able to exchange specific sets of molecules. Previous research has shown that the junctions which facilitate transport between cells exhibit remarkable flow control features, a process which is currently believed to be energized and tightly regulated. However, passive physical flow control increasingly appears to be a fundamental mechanism for cell-cell transport. Consistent with this concept, transport has been shown to exhibit a strong mechanical stress dependence, a hallmark of fluid-structure interactions.

This Postdoc project will test the hypothesis that complex fluid flow control patterns can be encoded in material properties of soft micropores that link the cells. You will combine experiments on biomimetic microfluidic devices with low-Reynolds-number flow and elasticity theory to elucidate the behaviour of synthetic cell networks linked by soft junctions.

Application deadline: 1 March 2020
Contact: Kaare H. Jensen, email: phone: +45 2231 5241
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