MRS2020 Symposium on Plasticity

Dear Colleagues,

Together with Irene Beyerlein, Peter Derlet, and Peter Ispanovity I am organizing a symposium on Local and Global Fluctuations in Plasticity for the MRS Spring meeting held in Phoenix between April 13th and 17th in 2020 ( – now gratefully announcing sponsorship from Bruker Nanosurfaces.

Registration is open until October 31st!

In this symposium, we seek to discuss the mechanisms for strain localization and intermittent deformation across all length and time-scales of metals or condensed matter in general. We also welcome topics that focus on the evolution of defect populations and how this dictates the macroscopic behavior. The aim of this symposium is to bring together experts with different backgrounds, including experiments, characterization, theory, and modeling. We are very pleased to have secured a diverse list of excellent invited speakers. Details of this symposium are summarized in the flyer at the link below:

We would very much like to welcome you and your group members as participants of our symposium.

We hope to see many of you in Phoenix next spring.

Cheers, Robert, Irene, Peter and Peter

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