Postdoc position in Experimental Astrophysics, Universidad de Chile (Santiago, Chile)

Postdoc position for studying the the effect of tribocharging on granular agglomeration
and its relevance for planet formation. Two experiments are being developed:  
(1) a 3m free-fall apparatus to observe and characterize collisions between pairs of 
particles in vacuum; (2) Controlled collisions using an ultrasonic levitation apparatus. 
Working with real and simulated meteoritic samples, we will probe the enhancement 
of clustering efficiency due to tribocharging. Experimental results will be used as inputs 
of numerical simulations, in collaboration with astronomers and theoretical physicists. 
Selected candidate will have to present a research grant at FONDECYT for funding
(; if funded, the position is expected to start in April 2020. 
The candidate must have his/her PhD certificate before Oct. 1, 2019 for the 
FONDECYT application.

More details:

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