postdoc microencapsulation (Lab Charles Coulomb-Montpellier)

Dear colleagues,We are currently looking for a 1 year postdoc to participate to a project on microencapsulation in our softmatter group at the university of Montpellier – Laboratoire Charles Coulomb.  

Candidates with a  background in microfluidics, soft matter, physical chemistry or a closely related field are strongly encouraged to apply.
More details can be found here:

Best regardsGladys Massiera
Post-doc in microencapsulation by droplet interface crossing
Laboratoire Charles Coulomb – CNRS/University of Montpellier – France
We are seeking for a post-doctoral candidate to handle an ANR funded project on microencapsulation. The encapsulation process is based on the generation of calibrated aqueous drops and their coating by crossing of a liquid-liquid interface by centrifugation. The objective is to produce monodispersed capsules of controlled size, content and shell thickness. This project is based on the cDICE process (Continuous Droplet Interface Crossing Encapsulation, Patent EP2456550 A1, July 2010) patented by Laboratoire Charles Coulomb. The final goal of the project is to build a prototype that meets industrial requirements in           terms of capsule size (around 100 microns), shell thickness and production rate.
The candidate will be in charge of two fundamental aspects of the process: i) Understanding of the passage of single drops through an interface by high-speed imaging on a dedicated experimental set-up with the centrifugal forces required to produce capsules with diameters ranging from 90 to 200 microns. This work will complete previous experimental and numerical results; (ii) design and test several chemical systems for the in-situ solidification of capsule shells either by phase transition or by polymerization and quantifying the capsules characteristics resulting from the system and the selected hydrodynamic parameters.
Candidates should have a doctorate in physics, physico-chemistry, mechanics or process engineering Skills in microfluidics, image analysis, and a good knowledge in the field of encapsulation will be much appreciated. Spoken and written English is required as well as fluency in report or publication writing.
The post-doctoral fellow will be part of the Soft Matter ( team at the Charles Coulomb Laboratory (L2C) at the University of Montpellier. He will work under the supervision of Gladys Massiera, as well as with Martin In in the EPIC project on a microencapsulation process. This project is part of a collaboration with two process engineering laboratories, the Chemical Engineering Laboratory (LGC) in Toulouse and the GEPEA (Nantes – Saint Nazaire).

Starting in september 2019


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