postdoc soft matter, satistical physics, biology and mechanics (LPSOrsay/PMMH)

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to advertise two postdoc openings in my group with deadlines for initial consideration on June 20th:

Theory – in Paris & Orsay

We welcome applications from theorists interested in self-assembly in the cytoskeleton and other problems at the interface between Soft Matter/Statistical Physics and Biology. The position presents ample opportunities for strong interactions with local and international collaborators. Autonomous interactions with experimentalists and the development of creative independent projects are encouraged. More at

Experiments – at ESPCI Paris

We welcome applications from experimentalists interested in the frustrated self-assembly of irregular objects. The position consists in developing an experimental protocol to design and produce colloids of arbitrary shapes using a sub-micrometer-resolution 3D printer, then monitor their self-assembly to demonstrate the tendency of irregular shapes to aggregate into fibers and sheets as discussed in recent theoretical work. More at

Please kindly post these ads on your department’s notice board, and do not hesitate to pass on this announcement. Informal inquiries welcome.

Best regards,

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