Journées de physique statistique (31 jan / 1er Fev 2019 – Paris)

For the 39th time, the « Journées de Physique Statistique » will be organised soon (Thursday Jan 31-Friday Feb 1 2019 at Ens Paris). They will consist of 12 long presentations, the rest of the time being devoted to flash talks as in previous editions.

Essential informations:

1. The meeting is informal, and no financial support will be available.

2. Given the brevity of the flash talks (4 minutes), the essence of the problem and main results only can be presented, without entering into the details.

3. Participation is free. Only those intending to present a flask talk should register.

4. Deadline for registration ( is on ** Dec 20 2018 **

5. Participants who subscribe for flash talks will be recontacted to upload their slides. The corresponding file will be sent in pdf format before Jan 14 2019

6. The programme will be available on Jan 17

More details are available on

We apologize if you have received multiple copies of this announcement.

Cécile Cottin-Bizonne (Univ. Lyon I / CNRS)
Vivien Lecomte (Univ. Grenoble-Alpes / CNRS)
Rémi Monasson (Ens Paris / CNRS)
Emmanuel Trizac (Univ. Paris-Sud / CNRS)
Francesco Zamponi (Ens Paris / CNRS)

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