Post-doc on brain modelling (Oxford)

Dear Colleagues,

This is a quick advert to let you know about a post-doctoral research assistant (PDRA) with me. It is a 2-year research position with possible extension depending on funding and performance (see below for details). More positions will be available in future years.

The PDRA will develop innovative models for brain modelling. Since my interests regarding brain modelling are broad (development, trauma, neurodegenerative diseases) and depend on multiple computational and analytical techniques (asymptotics, PDEs, FEM, solid and fluid, network theory, ….), the actual research to be performed will depend on the expertise of the successful candidate and on the most exciting current research problems. I am looking for somebody extremely motivated who will be fully involved in the research programme and the group.

Interviews will be in December or January and the position can start shortly after a decision has been reached.

Please feel free to disseminate .To apply or for more information:

Best wishes, Alain


Alain Goriely, OCIAM Director
Professor of Mathematical Modelling
Mathematical Institute,
University of Oxford

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