mini-symposium « Interfaces in confined media : from inert to living », Grenoble, 27-31 August, 2018

Dear all,

The deadline for abstract submission to the mini-symposium « Interfaces in confined media : from inert to living » has been extended to Thursday, 26th. We are looking forward meeting you there.

This mini-symposium aims to discuss the effects of confinement on the creation, dynamics and transport of bubbles, drops and more generally interfaces. At different scales, this problematics relates to various systems, from micro- or mesoporous media, either man-made either natural (rock), to living organisms (cells, plants, trees,…), including micro- or nanofluidic devices (labs-on-chips). Confinement affects non only transport, through hydrodynamics, but also energetics of interfaces through several effects (direct influence of boundaries, elastic deformation of the confining medium, compressibility of the fluid,…).
One or two invited talks, with a wide scope and complementary to the semi-plenary talk on the physics of plants, will set up the background and introduce the theoretical or experimental contributions selected among the propositions of the participants.

Keywords (non exhaustive): wetting / drops, bubbles, interfaces / porous media / plants / microfluidics / textured surfaces / individual and collective effects / foams / nucleation and cavitation / phase transition(s), critical behaviour / elastohydrodynamics

Organisators : Xavier Noblin (InPhyNi, Nice) – Catherine Quilliet (LiPhy, Grenoble) – Pierre-Etienne Wolf (Institut Néel, Grenoble)

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PDF for MS: >>download

See you soon in Grenoble !

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