Ecole Physics of integrated biological systems (Cargese, Sept 2018)

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention the following EMBO/CNRS summer school that we are organizing September 11-21 2018 in beautiful Cargèse (Corsica –, and would be grateful if you could share the poster and link with your young colleagues.

The objective of this summer school is to help biologists grasp basic concepts of Physics applied to Biology, such that they could more easily interact with physicists and design their experiments with physics concepts in mind. To help reach this objective, we have planned the programme along three lines:
1/ Some invited speakers will give tutorials to introduce key concepts or tools of physics and mathematics useful to biology.
2/ Almost all invited speakers are coming as pairs of biologists and physicists who have collaborated in the recent past to address a common biological problem; they will share how their collaboration unfolded and which obstacle they had to sometimes to overcome.
3/ In addition, there will be two prestigious Company of Biologists-sponsored keynote speakers, Jacques Prost a father of Physics applied to Biology, and Eric Wieschaus, Noble Prize in Medicine for his contributions to Drosophila development.

Additional info can be found on the following links:

The price for the course will be 850€ (including accommodation, breakfast and lunch). Please note that the deadline for applying is June 1st 2018.

We thank you in avance for making your colleagues aware of the event, and apologize in advance if you receive this mail more than once.

With best wishes,

Michel Labouesse and François Robin

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