conference in honour of E.Charlaix (Bordeaux, 22-25 octobre 2018)

Dear Colleagues,

This is an announcement for the international conference in honour of Pr. Elisabeth Charlaix, organized jointly by the French CNRS Research Network (GDR) on Liquids at Interfaces and the LOMA laboratory in Bordeaux, France. It will take place at the University of Bordeaux, from October 22th to October 25th 2018. In addition to talks by invited speakers (list below), this meeting will give everyone the opportunity to contribute through oral presentations or poster sessions — and will include prices for the best contributions.

The website of the event is: Please share it with colleagues and students.

Registration is open until June 1st and is effective only after payment. Do not forget to submit your abstract too ! In case of any problem, please send an e-mail to: The 120€/600€ price for academia/industry includes the book of abstracts, conference fees, coffee breaks, welcome reception, gala dinner, and meals (lunches and dinners). Free accommodations, close to the conference site, are also available on the « first-come first-served » basis.

Warm regards,

The organizers


Invited speakers

Denis Bartolo (ENS Lyon, France)
Clemens Bechinger (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Lydéric Bocquet (ENS Paris, France)
Radha Boya (Manchester University, UK)
Jérôme Crassous (Institute of Physics of Rennes, France)
Jacob Israelachvili (University of California Santa Barbara, USA)
Jean-François Joanny (ESPCI Paris, France)
Hamid Kellay (University of Bordeaux, France)
Detlef Lohse (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Patricia McGuiggan (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA)
Frieder Mugele (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Roland Netz (Free University of Berlin, Germany)
Susan Perkin (University of Oxford, UK)
David Pine (New York University, USA)
David Quéré (ESPCI Paris, France)

+ Public outreach conference by Frédéric Restagno (Paris Saclay University, France)

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