Active Matter and Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics (Les Houches aout-sept 2018)

Les Houches Summer School on « Active Matter and Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics », to be held in the French Alps, from August 27 until September 21 this year.

For this school, we have gathered both experts from the subfields that make up the Active Matter community (statistical mechanics, hydrodynamics, soft matter, theory & experiments, simulators) and leading experts in the surrounding field of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, to provide world-class training in the methods that are currently used in and around active matter. The purpose of this school is thus to provide the audience both with a solid training in all the basic methods of non-equilibrium physics and to expose them to the recent trends in the Active Matter field in a pedagogical way.

The full cost per participant is 1800€. It covers housing, meals and the book of lecture notes. The deadline for applications is April 1st, 2018. Answers to applicants will be sent by the 1st of June. More details can be found on the school website:

The list of lecturers and seminar speakers can be found below

Gerhard Gompper, Cristina Marchetti, Julien Tailleur, Julia Yeomans
Long lectures:

  • M. Cates Active Field Theories
  • E. Dufresne  Experimental Approaches to Active Systems
  • D. Frenkel  Modeling of the Microscopic Origins of Active Transport
  • E. Frey  Self-Organization of Protein Patterns
  • R. Golestanian  Phoretic Active Matter
  • J.-F. Joanny  Biological tissues as active materials
  • M. Kardar  Fluctuation forces in non-equilibrium systems
  • J. Kurchan  Glassy dynamics in and out of Active Matter (I)
  • L. Berthier  Glassy dynamics in and out of Active Matter (II)
  • M. Shelley Fluid dynamics of swimming & active particles, from one to many

Seminar speakers

  • A. Baskaran  Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics of model active matter systems
  • C. Bechinger Active Brownian Motion in Complex Fluids; Nanotribology of Driven Colloidal Monolayers
  • H. Chate  Dry, aligning, dilute, active matter (DADAM)
  • L. Cugliandolo  Effective temperatures in active matter
  • O. Dauchot  Model Experiments of Active Matter : at the interface between living organisms and theoretical models
  • S. Fielding Complex flows of complex fluids
  • Y. Kafri  Statistical forces in active matter
  • B. Ladoux  Mechanobiology of collective cell behaviours
  • F. Sagues  Features of interfaced and confined experimental active nematics
  • J. Toner  Why walking is easier than pointing: Hydrodynamics of Active Matter

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