conférence Surface Wettability Effects on Phase Change Phenomena (mai 2018)

voir l’annonce en pdf

Dear Colleague,
We are very glad to announce that we are launching the first workshop

SWEP “Surface Wettability Effects on Phase Change Phenomena” in Brighton, UK.

The workshop will start at 2pm on Thursday 17 May and terminates early in the afternoon of Friday 18 May. The workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers
to exchange knowledge on two-phase flows experiments, modeling and simulation, to discuss with worldwide experts their current research, and to propose a better comprehension on the effect of surface wettability on phase-change phenomena.
You will find more details on the flyer attached to this email.
Very sincerely yours,

Joël De Coninck
Professeur Ordinaire
Laboratoire de Physique des Surfaces et Interfaces
Centre de Recherche en Modélisation Moléculaire, MONS, BELGIUM

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