postdoc (Chili)


The Chilean agency for science funding (Comisión Nacional de Investigación
Científica y Tecnológica en Chile-CONICYT) has opened the period for presenting
proposals to fund postdoctoral positions at Chilean Universities.

1) Subjects
I our group at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago,, we are looking for postdoctoral researchers aiming to work in the following subjects:
– Bacterial baths: Experiments, theory and simulations of bacterial suspensions in confined
geometries and under flow.
– Active colloids: Theory and simulations of active colloidal particles.
– Biological tissues: Modeling celular migration and active elasticity to describe experimental results of the early development phases of fish embryos.
– Statistical thermodynamics: application of stat. thermodynamics theories to active matter models

2) Who can apply?
Researchers that obtained his/her PhD diploma after January 1st 2014 and before August 30 2017. If you gave birth to a child in that period, the range is extended by one year.

3) When you can apply?
Before August 23, 2017

4) How?
Applications are online at

5) Funding
The postdoctoral grants give the following benefits
– Annual salary 21.240.000 CLP (approx. 32600 USD)
– Annual travel and operational expenses 4.500.000 CLP (approx. 6900 USD)
– Installation expenses 3000000 CLP (approx. 4600 USD)
– Health insurance

6) Contact
Interested candidates, please contact Prof. Rodrigo Soto directly at

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