• Malak Alaa Eddine PhD student Transport of nanoparticles in porous hydrogels
  • Sixtine de Chateauneuf Randon, PhDstudent Selective filtration by hydrogels
  • Anne Rousseau, PhD student Foams for recycling of metals
  • Bastien Isabella, PhD student coadvised with S. Deville in ILM Lyon
  • Saikat Saha, Postdoc coadvised with D. Baigl at ENS Paris

Academic collaborations

  • G. Lefevre (ENSCP)
  • O. Diat, P. Bauduin, D. Bourgeois, D. Meyer (CEA, Marcoule)
  • S. Guignot, S. Touze, S. Chapon (BRGM)
  • M. Reyssat (ESPCI)
  • JF Bassereau (ENSAD)
  • E. Couallier (GEPEA, Saint-Nazaire)
  • S. Deville (ILM Lyon)
  • T. Salez, LOMA, Bordeaux
  • V. Ravaine (ENSCPB)
  • V. Schmitt (CRPP)
  • J. Vermant (ETH Zurich)
  • H. Tromp (Nizo Food research)
  • C. Collosqui (Stonybrook)
  • JP Gong (Hokkaido University)
  • S. Belbekhouche (ICMPE Thiais)

Former Postdocs

J.Dupré de Baubigny (2014-2017)
C.Noirjean, coadvised with S. Deville at CREE in Cavaillon (2014-2016)
A. Mikhailovskaya (2018-2019)

Cyriaque Bruez, Chemical Engineer (2021-2022)

Former PhD students

  • Astrid Tay (2006-2009) coadvised with F. Lequeux, « wetting of water-soluble polymer thin-films »
  • Eloise Chevallier (2009-2012) coadvised with F. Lequeux and C. Tribet, « Dynamics of photoswitchable surfactants and photofoams »
  • Sandrine Le Tirilly (2010-2013) coadvised with P. Perrin and N. Pantoustier, « Polymer multi-layers at oil-water interface for encapsulation of perfume »
  • R. Deleurence (2012-2015) coadvised with F. Lequeux, « foams made of complex fluids »
  • C Tregouet (2013-2016) coadvised with M. Reyssat (MMN), « polymer multi layers capsules : assembly, interfacial rheology and microfluidique probing »
  • L. Keal (2013-2016) « dynamics of hard and soft colloids at liquid interfaces »
  • E. Claveijo (2014-2017), coadvised with E. Couallier (GEPEA Nantes), « Mécanismes physicochimiques impliqués dans la production de biocarburant 3ème génération par des microalgues »
  • Mickael Pruvost, (2015-2018) coadvised with A. Colin on ’high permittivity materials based on emulsion templating’
  • Julie Godefroid (2017-2019) ’encapsulation of ceramics’
  • Siddanth Tyagi, (2017-2020), Freezing emulsions (in collab with S. Deville, LSFC, Cavaillon)
  • Pierre Trinh (2017-2020), Chemical reactions in foams (Ecole Doctorale Fellowship ED397)
  • Clément Robert (2019-2022) PhD student Dewetting of thin liquid films (Cifre Saint-Gobain)

Visiting PhD students

  • Simone Bochner de Araujo (2017) from Stanford on a Chateaubriand fellowship
  • Tadashi Kajiya, advised by M. Doi (2008)

Former Master’s students

  • A. Mamane (ENS Lyon)
  • W. Fang (Paris 5)
  • G. Lam (Magistère Ulm)
  • R. Deleurence (ESPCI – Physico-chimie des matériaux)
  • C. Tregouet (Ecole Polytechnique – SMNO)
  • D. Garcia (PolyTech Paris, coadvised with L. Bouteiller, J. Rieger, P. Perrin, N. Pantoustier, sponsored by Givaudan)
  • C. Freymond (M2 Physico-chimie des Matériaux UPMC)
  • P. Boyer-Chammard, (SMNO), ’foams with complex fluids’
  • C. Robert (Ecole Polytechnique – KTH Stockholm) « stability of surfactant films under evaporation »
  • Bastien Isabella, PSL SGM Master’s student
  • Anna Dufan, ESPCI Master’s student
  • Camille Mahiaoui, ENSCP Master’s student
  • Daniela Pricop, Masters student
  • Maira Cordelle, Masters student