Des bris de verre et des séparations…

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I am doing a PhD at PMMH with Damien Vandembroucq and Emmanuelle Gouillart. To contact me, go there, to read my publications, go there.

Phase Separation and coarsening
We use X-Ray tomography to observe the phase separation and coarsening of a barium boro-silicate glass. The experiments are performed at the ESRF, where we observe in situ the coarsening. After a few steps of image processing, we can measure some geometrical and topological characteristics of the domains : volume, surface, local curvature, connectivity.

Below a visualisation of the coarsening, the scale bar is 100 microns.

Plasticity of amorphous materials
We study a toy model for the plasticity of amorphous materials. Local plastic deformations trigger an elastic interaction with the whole matrix. We follow the (slow) dynamics at finite temperature with a kinetic Monte Carlo algorithm. We can fot instance test the influence of aging at finite temperature prior to impose an external stress: after aging, the deformation can be localized in shear bands.

Below : cumulated deformation fields, and stress as a fonction of time, at constant shear rate.

Without aging

After aging

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