poste chercheur Ifremer « conceptualization and numerical sediment transport modelling » (Brest)

A permanent research position is open at Ifremer (Brest, France) on
conceptualization and numerical sediment transport modelling.

Anticipating future trajectories of coastal seascapes and related sediment habitats in response to global changes and actual pressures requires
determining and modelling the main mechanisms driving sediment dynamics.
In this context, the IFREMER/DHYSED laboratory has developed over the last
decades the MUSTANG <>
process-based numerical model. This model can simulate the main processes
driving the coastal sediment dynamics and is coupled with hydrodynamics
and ecological models, hence contributing to provide an integrated
approach of the ecosystem dynamics.

As the successful candidate, you will be in charge of developing
innovative approaches for modelling mixed sediment dynamics (sand/mud)
and associated processes. Various mechanisms can be considered, among
them (but not exhaustively):

Analysing and conceptualizing inter-granular processes, and related
vertical structuration of the sediment matrix,
       Investigating the cohesive behaviour of sediment mixtures and its
consequences on sediment erosion/resuspension,
       Extending the 1DV approach of the sediment compartment toward a 3D
Developing the innovative continuous modelling approach, originally
conceptualized in the laboratory and fully complementary to the more
traditional partitioned sediment/water column approach,

The researcher will also be in charge of managing and maintaining the
MUSTANG numerical model at the state of the art, closely interacting with
the researchers and engineers in the laboratory, and users both in Ifremer
and in a national/international context. This position also provides
opportunities to collaborate with modellers in ecology for predicting the
future of coastal ecosystems.
Requirements :

PhD in physical oceanography or numerical modelling,
Solid knowledge on sediment dynamics, sedimentary processes and their
Strong/Advanced experience on numerical modelling,
Strong skills in programming languages under intensive computing
Good synthesis, writing and communicating skills,
Fluent English.

Applicants can contact Dr Romaric Verney (
<>) for further information. Applications
must be completed online through our portal (follow the link

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