I am a research engineer at CNRS since December 2021. I am working in the research lab SIMM, at ESPCI in Paris. I focus on rheology, and I especially design experiments coupling rheology and visualisation methods.

I obtained my PhD in Physics in September 2016. It was prepared under supervision of Catherine Barentin, at the University of Lyon, in the “Liquids and interfaces” group of Institut Lumière Matière (Institute of Light and Matter). During my PhD I worked on experiments aiming at clarifying the role of capillarity in yield-stress fluids systems with free surfaces.

After my PhD I worked in IUSTI (Marseille), as a postdoc for 18 months. The project, supervised by Henri Lhuissier and Yoël Forterre, consisted in measuring the deformation of concentrated suspension drops upon impact on a hard surface as a function of several parameters (impact energy, suspension characteristics).

Then I was a postdoc in SIMM for 3 years. The project I was working on is part of the common ESPCI/Total PIC lab. The goal is to understand the coalescence time distribution in a flowing emulsion. It was supervised by François Lequeux, Laurence Talini and Émilie Verneuil for ESPCI and Nicolas Passade-Boupat and Roel Belt for Total.

On this website you will be able to find some information about me and my research. Browse the menu and read more details about my research projects.

Last update : December 2021