Defence.. defence

On 13 December, Gabriel Guyard successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled
Near-surface transport of polymer solutions and time-dependent soft microfluidics

.. then, on 16 December, Abir Wissam Boudaoud successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled
Development of a Primary Standard for the Measurement of Nano-flow Rates of Liquids

Many congratulations to both !
These theses were co-directed by Frédéric Restagno, and by Teresa Lopez-Leon and Florestan Ogheard. Many thanks to all !

As 2023 ramps up…

We have good news to share:

  • Gabriel Guyard published Elastohydrodynamic relaxation of soft and deformable microchannels at PRL.
  • Alex Vilquin published Nanoparticle Taylor Dispersion Near Charged Surfaces with an Open Boundary at PRL.
  • Caroline Kopecz-Muller has had her first article accepted at the Royal Society ! You can find the preprint for Mechanical response of a thick poroelastic gel in contactless colloidal-probe rheology here. Stay tuned !