CV_Eric Clement

2000-2022  Professor of Physics (PR-CE) Sorbonne University, Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).
1990-1999 Researcher (CR1) at the CNRS.
1990           Post-doctoral fellow, University of Paris 6, France.
1989           Lecturer in Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
1986-1989 Teaching-assistant at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.
1985           Research Fellow at the E.S.P.C.I., Paris.


1986-1989  Ph.D. in Chemistry and in Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Scientific advisers: Profs. Raoul Kopelman and Leonard Sander.
1988           Master of Science in Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.
1984           Master in Physics of Liquids, University of Paris 6.
1980-1984  Engineering diploma at the E.S.P.C.I., Paris.

Research Interests

  • Active and bacterial fluids
  • Physics of granular media and suspensions
  • Chemical kinetics in confined geometry
  • Transport in porous media

Project organization and Contracts

  • ANR 2023-2027 – PushPullMicroswimmers in complex environments” PI  E.Clément (ESPCI-SU), Co-PIs F.Elias ( ESPCI-U.Paris Cité), F.Peruani (CY-CergY) , K.Clément (SU-APHP).
  • CNRS Action MITI : “Auto-organisation” 2021-2022. CURVBAC “Collective bacterial dynamics in curved spaces “, PI E.Clément, co-PI T. Lopez-Leon.
  • ANR 2021-2025 – BacMagHarnessing field-assisted transport and rheology of a bacterial magnetofluid ” PI C. Cottin-Bizonne Univ.LyonI,  CoPIs E.Clément (ESPCI), D.Faivre CEA (Cadarache).
  • Innovative Training Networks H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020 – PHYMOT « Physics of Microbial Motility » with Prof. A. Lindner and 13 other European groups. PI Prof. G. Gompper Forschugzentrum, Julich.
  • Joint Research Program (PRC) CNRS-Royal Society, with University of Edimburgh (2017-2019) “Macroscopic and Microscopic properties of active matter» (Co-PIs E. Clément – V. Martinez).
  • Bilateral collaboration with Chile, ECOS-Sud (2017-2018) : « Active fluids in confined environments » with Physics Dept., Univ. de Chile (Co-PIs E.Clement – R. Soto).
  • ANR 2015-2020 – BacFlowHydrodynamic transport and dispersion of bacterial suspensions: from the micro-hydrodynamic scale up to porous media” PI E.Clément with A.Auradou and C.Douarche, Univ.Paris-Sud.
  • Projet SESAME-Region Ile de France 2015-2017 . MiFaMiLab: “Fabrication and manipulation of bio inspired and active micro devices. Study from individual to collective behavior in complex environments.” Collective project involving 11 teams of 3 laboratories around a micro-fabrication platform (PI E.Clément).
  • Contract CNES- 2011 -2016– «Transition d’encombrement d’un milieu granulaire faiblement vibré : de la réponse acoustique au contrôle d’écoulement » (PIClément).
  • Contract ANR-2010-2014 JamVibe « Au travers de la transition vitreuse d’un milieu granulaire : modes mous, acoustique et rhéologie» (PI. J.Kurchan).
  • Bilateral collaboration with Chile, ECOS-Sud (2012-2014) : « Granular matter and active suspensions » with Physics Dept., Univ. de Chile (Co-PIs E.Clement – R. Soto).
  • Bilateral collaboration with Germany, Procope (2012-2013) : « Motility and self-organization of magnetotactic bacteria », with Microbiology Dept, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munchen (Co-PIs: E.Clément – D.Schuler).
  • Prise de Risque CNRS-Interface Physique-Chimie-Biologie (2011) » Motilité et auto-organisation des bactéries magnétotaxiques (PI E.Clément).
  • Emergence-UPMC  2010 Modélisation expérimentale et théorique des contraintes mécaniques du tissu adipeux humain: cas de la fibrose associée à l’obésité. (PI K.Clement)

Fellowships, distinctions, responsabilities

  • Advisor of 23 Ph.D. students (20 completed).
  • Editorial board : The European Physical Journal E, Granular matter .
  • Member of the AEMMG Committee (since 2009), Coorganizer of the Powders & Grains Conferences
  • Co-director GDR-CNRS  « Pâtes et Poudres » 2000-2003
  • « Casimir Fayans » Prize of the Chemistry Department, University of Michigan : « for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation », (1993)
  • Post-Doctoral fellowship of the French Academy of Science (1990).
  • Fellowship of the French Institute for Petroleum Research (I.F.P.) (1984-1985).


More than 120 publications in international refereed journals and 110 invited international conferences, 46 conferences proceedings.

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