The Cell Biophysics team at PMMH lab consists of two researchers:

Julien Heuvingh (Assistant professor at Paris Diderot University)  and Olivia du Roure (CNRS Researcher).

Our current main research focus is on the mechanics of branched actin networks. We use a novel technique with magnetic colloids to deform and characterize the actin networks. Thomas Pujol is a 2 year PhD student working on this subject. We have a post-doc position available on connected themes.

We are also interested in the swimming of unicellular organisms by artificial cillia (OdR with Marc Fermigier from PMMH)

We work with models of cell membrane : Giant Unilamelar Vesicles (JH with Stéphanie Bonneau from UPMC)

We are part of a collaboration between a medical team working on obesity and physicists to study the influence of the mechanical stress on adipocyte cells and adipose tissue (Emergence project from UPMC).

We are also studying less biology-oriented subjects, such as fluid-structure interaction (OdR with Anke Lindner from PMMH),  polymer mechanics, auto-organisation of colloids…