Recent publications from the team

  • Limits to the sensitivity of a rare-earth-enabled cryogenic vibration sensor, A. Louchet-Chauvet, T. Chanelière, AVS Quantum Sci. 4, 024401 (2022)
  • Optomechanical backaction processes in a bulk rare-earth doped crystal, A. Louchet-Chauvet, P. Verlot, J.-P. Poizat, T. Chanelière, (2021). arXiv preprint arXiv:2109.06577.

A few publications on time-reversal

  • A. Louchet-Chauvet, Analog time-reversal of optically-carried RF signals with a rare earth ion-doped processor with broadband potential, 2018 International Topical Meeting on Microwave Photonics (2018)
  • H. Linget, T. Chanelière, J.L. Le Gouët, A. Louchet-Chauvet, Time reversal of light by linear dispersive filtering near atomic resonance, New Journal of Physics 15, 063037 (2013)
  • H. Linget, L. Morvan, J.L. Le Gouët, A. Louchet-Chauvet, Time reversal of optically carried radiofrequency signals in the microsecond range, Optics Letters 38 (5), 643-645 (2013)