Adrien_GobiI am a postdoctoral research associate at New York University, at the Center for Soft Matter ResearchMRSEC, within the Jamming and Biophysics Lab. (PI: Jasna Brujic).

I have done my PhD within the Physics and Mechanics of Heterogenous Media Lab. at ESPCI (Paris). I was supervised by Eric Clément and Bruno Andreotti.

My PhD research focused on the nonlocal rheology of dense granular flows and also on acoustics in granular matter close to the unjamming transition.
During my PhD I have designed and worked on several experiments: parabolic Zero-G flights (experiment of acoustics in weakly confined granular media) and lab. experiments (measurements of non-local effects in granular avalanches). I also run DEM numerical simulations to investigate non-local phenomena in granular flows.

You can follow me on ResearchGate.
I also tweet but not so much.

2D DEM simulation of frictional beads on an inclined plane (gravity is inclined)

2D DEM simulation of frictional beads on an inclined plane (gravity is inclined towards right)


Beside my lab activities, I like rock climbing, swimming, and back-packing around the world (Indonesia, Mongolia, Rockies in the US, French Pyrenees and Alps…). I am also very into Arts ; I like photography, going to exhibitions and to the theatre.