Polymer-multilayer rheology

Started: 2013

Co-authors: Sandrine Le Tirrily, Julien Dupré de Baubigny, Martina Pepicelli, Stephane Bone, Cédric Geoffroy, Gérard Fuller, Jan Vermant, Nadège Pantoustier, Patrick Perrin, Mathilde Reyssat, Cécile Monteux

Location: SIMM, ESPCI-Paris, France – Gulliver,  ESPCI-Paris, France.

Complementary methods are used to measure the properties of polymer multilayers at air/water or oil/water interfaces. These multilayers consist of complementary polymers which interacts with hydrogen bonds. The study focuses on the effects of the inter-layer interaction, the number of layers, and the anchoring at the interface on the compression and shear moduli of these multilayers, and the wrinkling. The method used were the pendant drop, an interfacial shear rheometer, and a circular Langmuir trough.