I am part of the teaching team of Master II AIV (Approches Interdisciplinaires du vivant) at CRI.

Our students come from all around the world and from different disciplines from Medicine to Physics.

The M2 year consists of a one week workshop along with the FdV 1st year PhD fellows. In small groups, students learn how to create interdisciplinary research projects. This is followed by weekly Friday afternoon courses, throughout the year, geared to develop the students’ capacities to read and analyze current scientific articles.The remainder of the M2 curriculum is devoted to research, through three internships, with at least one theoretical internship and one experimental internship. For those willing to pursue in a PhD program, the last semester will give them the opportunity to prepare a thesis project.

Students will have the opportunity to learn research by doing research in labs, to meet with many researchers and to discuss recent interdisciplinary research articles and reviews. At the end of the year, most of the students will apply to a PhD program, in France or abroad. One of our role as teachers is to make sure that all of the students know by the end of the M2 what scientific questions they would wish to work on during the 3-4 years  PhD and ensure that the students have acquired the needed basis to tackle them.

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