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— Post-doc position —

We are seeking a Post-Doc, ideally with a strong experience in RNA biochemistry, who should be interested in learning how to use microfluidic systems and working on the fundamental concepts underlying evolutionary phenomena, as part of a highly multidisciplinary team.

The project aims to show how Darwinian evolution could emerge in self-reproducing RNA systems. The team has recently developed droplet level bar-coding scheme to track RNA reaction dynamics in single droplets by Next Generation Sequencing. This technology enables us to emulate protocell cycles and follow the dynamics of cooperative autocatalytic RNA ensembles, in order to demonstrate the elementary Darwinian properties of heredity, variation and differential reproduction of RNAs.

The project is held in collaboration with Pr. Niles Lehman (Portland State University, USA), who discovered the first self-reproducing RNA system capable to form a diversity of reaction networks (Vaidya, N., Manapat, M. L., Chen, I. A., Xulvi-Brunet, R., Hayden, E. J., & Lehman, N., Spontaneous network formation among cooperative RNA replicators. Nature 2012), and with Pr. Sandeep Krishna (NCBS, Bangalore, India) who developed theoretical models of evolutionary dynamics in RNA systems (Jain, S., & Krishna, S. A model for the emergence of cooperation, interdependence, and structure in evolving networks. PNAS 2001).

Recent experimental and theoretical publications of the lab on this topic include:

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Nghe P, Hordijk W, Kauffman SA, Walker SI, Schmidt FJ, Kemble H, Yeates JAM and Lehman N, Prebiotic network evolution: six key parameters, Molecular BioSystems, 11(12), 3206-3217 (2015)

Ryckelynck, M., Baudrey, S., Rick, C., Marin, A., Coldren, F., Westhof, E., & Griffiths, A. D. Using droplet-based microfluidics to improve the catalytic properties of RNA under multiple-turnover conditions, RNA (2015).

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