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Software Tutorial WP2

pyMMF: A Python module for simulating multimode fibers

We relase a first version of our Python module based on the tutorial we posted to simulate the transmission matrix of straight and bent multimode fibers. The code is available on my GitHub account here. We also release two tutorials:

PyMMF: A benchmark with straight fibers

Bent fibers with pyMMF



Software Tutorial WP2

Simulation of multimode fiber modes: Straight and bent fibers

We present a two part tutorial on how to numerically estimate the modes of straight or bent multimode fibers of arbitrary radial index profile. It allows calculating the mode profiles, the propagation constants and estimating the transmission matrix of a segment of a multimode fiber with a reasonable computationnal complexity.

Part 1: Straight fibers

Part 2: Bent fibers

Software WP2

pyMMF: a Python module for multimode fibers simulations [WP2]

pyMMF is a simple module that allows finding the propagating modes of multimode fibers with arbitrary index profiles and simulates the transmission matrix for a given length. The solver can also take into account the curvature of the fiber (experimental). This code is not designed to compete with commercially available software in term of accuracy of the mode profiles/propagation constants or speed, it aims at quickly simulating realistic transmission matrices of short sections of fiber.


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