Layout: A Python module to generate macropixel patterns for SLMs and DMDs

In many wavefrontshaping experiments, such as for optimization experiments, like the seminal work by I. Vellkoop and A. Mosk, or for measuring the transmission matrix, one need to control the amplitude and/or the phase of the field on a given number of macorpixels (i.e. group of pixels). Using DMDs, amplitude and phase modulation can be acheived using the Lee hologram method and then sending the binary images to the device using the for ALP4lib in Python for Vialux DMDs. I release here a module written by myself and M. W. Matthes to easily and efficiently generate such patterns. The code can be found on my Github account here as well as an amplitude and phase modulation example: layout_amplitude_phase_modulation.ipynb.

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