ALP4lib: A open-source Python library for controlling DMDs [WP1]

Vialux provides Texas Instrument DMD (Digital MicroMirror Devices) chips with an electronic board to send and display image sequences at high speed (up to 30kHz).  We share here a simple module that wraps the C++ functions for Python developed for the MOLOTOF project. It allows to easily use the basic functions while providing the advanced features of the ALP API.


The Python module is available on the ALP4lib Github repository. Please read the short introduction on the repository and the Vialux ALP API description document for a complete overview of the features. It uses the same syntax as the ALP API but functions can be called with fewer arguments to simplify the code when advanced features are not needed.

A short tutorial is available on the website, the source code is available on the Github repository

See more about work package 1

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