Vorticité et Surface Libre

GdR MéPhy organises a day workshop on vorticity-free surface interaction.

When a solid moves in a fluid, it creates vorticity (boundary layers, shear layers …). What happens when the solid is soft? or even worse, when instead of being a solid, it is a free surface? The vorticity and its dynamics will affect the shape of the free surface… which will in turn affect the flow.

At solid surfaces, vorticity is induced by the no-slip boundary condition. At free surfaces there are as well boundary layers: instead of no-slip, it is no-stress. Detachment of boundary layers changes drastically the flow pattern, and thus the pressure field. With surface tension, a curved free surface is linked to a pressure jump that will in turn interact with the pressure pattern of the flow.

This happens for instance in:
– Hydraulic jumps (recirculation bubbles inside a fragile geometry)
– Atomization (turbulence near to free surfaces, flow in recessing liquid films and ligaments)
– Waves on the ocean (instabilities)
– The wake and oscillation of a rising bubble

Where and when?

The workshop will be wednesday the 16th of septembre at the ESPCI, Amphi urbain (where is ESPCI?).

(The lunch will take place in salle Champetier)


The long presentations correspond to pedagogical introduction to the different topics and consist in 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes of questions.
The short presentations consist in 10 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of questions.
The program may still be subject to some slight modifications…

  • 9h15-9h30 Welcoming coffee

1) Introduction
9h30-9h40, 10min|introduction
9h40-10h05, 20+5min|Lagrée|Pierre-Yves| d’Alembert-Paris|Boundary layers and free surfaces|
10h05-10h18, 10+3min|Moisy|Frédéric|FAST-Paris|Vorticity generation in an orbitally shaken container|

2) Hydraulic jump-flow separation
10h18-10h41-20+5min|Bohr|Tomas|DTU Physics-Copenhagen |Scaling and structure of hydraulic jumps|
10h41-10h54, 10+3min|Sébilleau|Julien|IMFT-Toulouse|Flow separation from a stationary meniscus|

  • 10h54-11h30, Discussion – Coffee

11h30-11h43, 10+3min|Duchesne|Alexis|GRASP-Liège|Circular Hydraulic Jump|
11h43-11h56, 10+3min|Legendre|Dominique|IMFT-Toulouse|Vorticity and bubble dynamics|
11h56-12h2120+5min|Argentina|Médéric|INLN-Nice|Liquid foam hydraulic jump|

  • 12h21-14h00, Lunch

3) Waves
14h00-14h25, 20+5min|Gallaire|François|LFMI-Lausanne|Instabilities with surface tension and shear|
14h25-14h38, 10+3min|Rousseaux|Germain|Pprime-Poitier|Vorticity effect on wave-current interaction|
14h38-14h51, 10+3min|Scheid|Benoit|TIPs lab-Bruxelles|Hanging hydrodynamic waves|
14h51-15h04, 10+3min|Popinet|Stéphane|d’Alembert-Paris|Breaking wave dissipation and bubble distribution|
15h04-15h17, 10+3min|Berhanu|Michael|MSC-Paris|Dissipation of capillary waves|

  • 15h17-15h50, Discussion – Coffee

4) Turbulence
15h50-16h15, 20+5min|Rabaud|Marc|FAST-Paris|Wind and sea waves|
16h15-16h28, 10+3min|Zaleski|Stéphane|d’Alembert-Paris|Turbulence and liquid-gas interfaces|
16h28-16h41, 10+3min|Vila|Jean-Paul|IMT-Toulouse|thin-film model with turbulence|
16h41-16h54, 10+3min|Jamin|Timothée|MSC-Paris|Experiments on the interaction between hydrodynamic turbulence and surface waves|

16h54-17h20, 20+5min|Clanet | Christophe | LadHyx-Paris |Footprints of vortices|

  • 17h45, Farewell


To register (please do even though you only want to attend), go to the registration wiki page or write an email to Jérôme Hoepffner.

List of participants

Nom Prénom Laboratoire Présentation
Bohr Tomas DTU Physics-Köpenhamn From Newton’s bucket to rotating polygons
Clanet Christophe LadHyx-Paris Footprints of vortices
Limat Laurent MSC-Paris Flow separation from a stationary meniscus
Zaleski Stéphane d’Alembert-Paris Turbulence and liquid-gas interfaces
Rabaud Marc FAST-Paris Wind and sea waves
Moisy Frédéric FAST-Paris Vorticity generation in an orbitally shaken container
Lagrée Pierre-Yves d’Alembert-Paris Boundary layers and free surfaces
Hoepffner Jerôme d’Alembert-Paris Vorticity in liquid fragmentation
Brunet Philippe MSC-Paris
Argentina Médéric INLN-Nice Liquid foam hydraulic jump
Scheid Benoit TIPs lab-Bruxelles Hanging hydrodynamic waves
Claudin Philippe PMMH-Paris
de Maleprade Hélène PMMH-Paris
Rajchenbach Jean LPMC-Nice
Legendre Dominique IMFT-Toulouse Vorticity and bubble dynamics
Gallaire François LFMI-Lausanne Interface instabilities
Elias Florence MSC-Paris Waves on a soap film
Cortet Pierre-Philippe Fast-Orsay
Vila J.-P. IMT-Toulouse thin-film model with turbulence
Ramos-Canut Stella ILM-Lyon
Berhanu Michael MSC-Paris Dissipation of capillary waves
Jamin Timothée MSC-Paris Experiments on the interaction between hydrodynamic turbulence and surface waves
Rousseaux Germain Pprime-Poitier Vorticity effect on wave-current interaction
Chopin Julien d’Alembert
Sauret Alban CVI-Paris
Godoy-Diana Ramiro PMMH-Paris
Guérin Adrien IPGP-Paris
Keiser Ludovic PMMH-Paris
Barthel Etienne SIMM-Paris
Popinet Stéphane d’Alembert-Paris Breaking wave dissipation and bubble distribution
Schindler Michael PCT-Paris
Duchesne Alexis GRASP-Liège Circular Hydraulic Jump
Aumaître Sebastien CEA-Paris
Labousse Matthieu Paris 7-Paris
Haudin Florence Paris 7-Paris
Sébilleau Julien IMFT-Toulouse
Paré Gounséti D’Alembert-Paris
Penel Yohan UPMC-Paris
Harris Jeffrey Ecole des ponts-Paris
Tuckerman Laurette PMMH-Paris
Bengana Yacine PMMH-Paris
Josserand Christophe d’Alembert-Paris
Ling Stanley d’Alembert-Paris
Raoult Cécile