Workshop Adhesion / Friction of soft materials

The aim of the workshop was to present recent advances and important results in the study of frictional adhesion in soft materials, as well as give a picture of results now firmly established.
How does friction and/or adhesion take place in soft or visco-elastic materials, such as elastomers?
What is the relationship between adhesion and friction ?
35 participants attended the workshop, several discussions were focused on the nature of dissipation in experiments such as peeling or sliding with various materials : viscoelastic adhesive, poroelastic gels or soft elastomer, at different scales, and on substrates chemically treated.

Keynote lecture were be presented by Manoj Chaudhury (Lehigh Univ, Pennsylvania, USA) and Hugh Brown (University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia).

The language of the wokshop was english.

Pdf of some presentations