Effective toughness of heterogeneous materials

4eme rencontres Mécaniciens- Physiciens
Organized with D’Alembert Institute, AFM and SFP

12th june 2012, at Univ. Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris.
The fourth workshop “mechanics and physics”, organized together with AFM and SFP will take place on june 12th 2012. (see the first workshop (2009), second workshop (2010) and the third workshop as a special colloque within CFM2011)

Scope of the workshop

The goal of this one day meeting was to gather people both from the physics and the mechanics community around the question of the effective resistance of heterogeneous materials. In particular, we discussed the role of the fluctuations of resistance at the microstructure scale on the macroscopic resistance of materials. Brittle, quasi-brittle and ductile failure was discussed, and for each of these failure modes, an invited speaker provided an introduction talk, describing some of the theorical/numerical tools relevant to go from micro to macroscale in these fracturing systems, providing some important findings obtained by these approaches by comparing with the experimental observations and discussing some of the important open questions in the field. It was thenfollowed by a session of short talks given by researchers both from mechanics and physics laboratory.

Introductive presentations by

  • JB. Leblond (d’Alembert institute)
  • S. Roux (LMT- Cachan)
  • A. Hansen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim)
  • K. Ravi-Chandar (U.Texas, Austin)


Here is the programm of the workshop (in pdf)

  • 9h:9h30 Workshop opening (coffee)

Brittle failure : from the microscope properties to the macroscopic toughness.

  • 9h30-10h15:  Stéphane Roux (LMS,ENSCachan):From  the  microscale  to  the  effective  toughness  of  brittle  materials:  an  overview
  •   Renaud  Couzin (Institut  d’Alembert,  UPMC)   Design  and  optimization  of  asymmetric  heterogeneous  adhesives
  •   Kay Wiese  (LPS,  ENS)   Avalanches  dynamics  of  elastic  manifolds  driven  in  disordered  solids
  • Jonathan  Barès  (SPCSI,  CEA-­‐Saclay)   Crack  propagation  in  disordered  brittle  materials
  •   Dominique  Leguillon  (Institut  d’Alembert,  UPMC)   Strengthening  caused  by  a  contrast  in  Young’s  moduli  in  laminate  structures
  •   Tristan  Baumberger,  (INSP,  UPMC)   From  surface  roughness  to symmetry-­‐breaking  folds  of  slow  cracks  in  soft  solids
  •   Lamine  Hattali  (FAST,  Orsay)   Oscillatory  fracture  in  PMMA
  • 11h30-  11h45:  Coffee  break

Quasi-­‐brittle  failure:  from  the  microscale  properties  to  the  macroscopic  toughness

  • 11h45  Alex  Hansen (Norwegian  University  of  Science  and  Technology,   Trondheim)   From  the  microscale  to  the  effective  toughness  of  quasi-­‐brittle  materials:  an  overview
  •   Julien  Scheibert  (LTDS,  Lyon)   Quasi-­‐brittle  dynamic  failure  of  PMMA
  • 12h45  -­‐  14h15: Lunch  at  «Amore  Mio»,  13  rue  Linné

Ductile  failure:  from  the  microscale  properties  to  the  macroscopic  toughness

  • 14h15- 15h00 :Jean-­‐Baptiste Leblond  (Institut  d’Alembert,  UPMC)   From  the  microscale  to  the  effective  toughness  of  ductile  materials:  an  overview
  • Stéphane  Chapuliot  (Areva)   Ductile  failure:  examples  and  applications  in  the  nuclear  industry
  • Dirk  Mohr  (LMS,  Ecole  Polytechnique) :   Hybrid  experimental-­‐numerical  approach  to  investigate  ductile  fracture  at  low  stress   triaxialities
  • 15h30  -­‐  16h00:  Coffee  break

Discussion  and  conclusion  of  the  day

  •   16h00  Krishnaswamy  Ravi-­‐Chandar  (University  of  Texas,  Austin)   Challenges  in  fracture  characterization  and  modeling

Organizing committee

L. Ponson
B. Roman
K. Ravi-Chandar

Where,When ?

The workshop was held on june 12th 2012
in room 311, tower 55-­‐65, third floor between tower 55 and 65 on the campus of Jussieu Université Pierre et Marie Curie,
4 place Jussieu
75005 PAris


65 participants have registered.