I have been a ENS de Lyon student from September 2017 to July 2020, where I obtained a master’s degree in Physics. I am now a 2nd year PhD student in the SIMM lab (ESPCI Paris) under the supervision of François Lequeux, Laurence Talini and Emilie Verneuil.

Research Interest

During my PhD, I study the effect of antifoaming additives on the foaming of organic liquids.


  • Uptake kinetics of spontaneously emulsified microdroplets at an air-liquid interface. L.D., Charlotte Veillon, Nicolas Passade-Boupat, François Lequeux, Laurence Talini & Emilie Verneuil. Soft Matter (2022).
  • Foaming of Binary Mixtures: Link with the Nonlinear Behavior of Surface Tension in Asymmetric Mixtures. Hoai-Phuong Tran, L.D., Nicolas Passade-Boupat, Emilie Verneuil, François Lequeux, & Laurence Talini. Langmuir 37.45 (2021): 13444-13451.
  • Passage of surfactant-laden and particle-laden drops through a contraction. Franz De Soete, L.D., Nicolas Passade-Boupat, Michael Levant, Emilie Verneuil, François Lequeux, & Laurence Talini. Physical Review Fluids 6.9 (2021): 093601.
  • Driven oscillations of a curved object under a laminar jet of water. Francis Pagaud & L.D. Emergent Scientist 5 (2021): 1.