Production Engineer Position (w/m)


Production Engineer Position (w/m)

Production Engineer Position (w/m)

One year contract – immediate recruitment

Location: Paris area, France


Position and missions

As part of Cyprio’s research and development program, the production engineer will participate in the development of new products, services and of the processes to support innovation and competitiveness of the company. He/she will manage research projects from the study of the product concept to its industrial implementation. Main missions of production engineer:

  • Develop and draft research projects and technical specifications based on the expected functional characteristics of each new product/service within a defined schedule, deadline and budget.
  • Determine the production objectives, the means (manpower, suppliers, subcontractors, tools, machines, etc.) and the methods to achieve them.
  • Suggest an innovation and/or a new application, answering to customers’ needs for the improvement of an existing product and/or the development of a new product or service.
  • Develop, plan and coordinate the various phases of the production process.
  • Organize and conduct scientific and technological experiments in the laboratory.
  • Integrate regulatory and financial constraints and good practices.
  • Identify appropriate scientific, academic and industrial partners to develop collaborative projects.
  • Study and measure the technological, technical and scientific risks that may occur during the development of products and services.
  • Propose improvements in the industrial organization to optimize the manufacture of quality products and services
  • Define working methods (first material requirements, equipment, subcontracting parts, etc.).
  • Organize subcontracting, ensure the placing of orders and the supply of materials.
  • Ensure implementation and the proper execution of health and safety rules in work.
  • Train new members of the company.
  • Organize and hold training sessions for the company’s clients.
  • Listen to customer needs and optimize product or service accordingly.
  • Ensure and monitor the operating condition of equipment and proceed to their repair and maintenance order once needed.
  • Make regular update meetings with the scientific direction and internal and external project partners (progress, validation of results, etc.).
  • Analyze and interpret the results of scientific, technical and technological experiments.
  • Check the quality and consistency of products and services against expected specifications. Write activity reports in French and English.  Communicate on the results of scientific, technical and technological developments internally and externally, in form of a technical report, patent application, oral presentation, participation in scientific events and publication.
  • Ensure the serious and regular updating of experimental workbooks, activity reports and the backup of data from each project.
  • Write and present documents related to the company’s strategy: monthly plans, multi-year analyses, reports, diagnostic studies, project progress reports, etc.
  • Communicate results externally in the form of publications, posters, etc., prepare collaborations and generally contribute to the company’s reputation
  • Ensure a technical and technological, competitive and regulatory watch on methods, tools, innovations, standards and regulations related to the company’s activities.
  • Travel nationally and internationally: participation in meetings between partners and presentation at congresses.



We are looking for our future collaborator, holder of a master in bioprocesses engineering or similar diplomas in the field of biotechnology with more than 3 years of confirmed experience.  Proven expertise in cellular and molecular biology, 3D cell culture of primary and stem cells and 3D model’s morphological and biochemical characterizations are required. A previous experience with liver and pancreatic cell culture would be highly appreciated. Speaking and writing skills in English and in French for scientific drafts and grant applications are highly expected. As a young company of great value, we are looking for a highly motivated and proactive collaborator, with a culture of excellence and teamwork, analytical thinking, proven creativity and sharp problem-solving skills. As a company targeting the whole world, French and English are mandatory. According to the candidate performance during the first year, a permanent position could be envisioned at last of the contract.

The expected skills are:

  • Rigour and organisation, creativity, versatility, working spirit in a young and innovative company at the interface of several disciplines, being at the origin of innovative ideas and the implementation of new processes within the company
  • Mandatory scientific knowledge in the company’s field of activity: cell biology, 3D cell culture, molecular biology, biomaterial physico-chemistry, biochemistry, tissue bioengineering, cell therapy, biomedical devices, DMPK and toxicology…
  • Essential technical knowledge: experience of working with the culture of primary & stem cells, 3D cell culture & imaging, molecular biology, LC-MS/MS, biomaterial physicochemistry
  • Ability to communicate fluently in conversations and in written on the advances in the development of products and services and their characteristics
  • Direct and transversal managerial skills
  • Good knowledge of working with project management techniques (expression of needs, specifications, planning, etc.) and associated tools
  • Good knowledge of the organization and functioning strategy of the company
  • Common use of IT tools
  • Good knowledge of health and security rules in work
  • Notions of health economics, social law, bioethics, etc


This is your opportunity to use your skills in cellular and molecular biology at the forefront of a revolution in 3D cell modelling using a cutting edge spheroid generation technology in a young, fast-growing and high-value company.

You can send your CV and cover letter tracing your professional record and two recommendation letters to