ANR DEPSEC (2007-2009)

CIFRE Rhodia (2006-2009)

Thèse Givaudan (2010-2013) coadvised with P. Perrin and N. Pantoustier

France-Stanford research award (2012) (leader) in collab with G. Fuller

Contrats de prestation avec Saint-Gobain (2011 et 2012), (scientific leader)

CIFRE Saint-Gobain (2012-2015), (scientific leader)

ITN Network SOMATAI (2012-2016) (coord. by P. Lang)

ANR JCJC INTERPOL 2012-2016) (coordinator)

PhD fellowship INSIS 204-2017 (coord. by E. Couallier)

Contrat de collaboration avec Saint-Gobain (2015), (scientific leader)

Contrat de collaboration avec Saint-Gobain (2016) (coord. by A. Colin)

Contrat Saint-Gobain Cavaillon (2016-2019) (scientific leader)

PSL environnement (2017-2018) (coordinator)

Givaudan, contrat de prestation (2017) (Scientific leader)

ANR FOAMEX (2017-2021) (coordinator) involving BRGM, ICSM Marcoule, Extracthive

Contrat Saint-Gobain CREE Cavaillon (2017-2020) in collab with S. Deville

Contrat Saint-Gobain SGR (2019-2021)